The most abundant cannabinoid in hemp is CBD (Cannabidiol).

Our products contain concentrated amounts of this incredible anti-inflammatory plant compound.

Our goal is to reach as many people to inform them about, not only the benefits of, but also the difference between the Cannabis plants HEMP and MARIJUANA.

Using this process, we are keeping Hemp on its incline to a more commonly used Herb for all of our common Aches, Pains, Injuries, Ailments and Diseases.

Gourmet Carrier Oils

These Oils are also sold Individually at all of our Murphy Hemp locations!

Pumpkin Seed Oil

A healthy fat made from cold expeller pressed pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seed oil is rich in: beneficial fatty acids antioxidants beta-carotene It is good for: Prostate health Anti-Inflammatory Relieves IBS Prevents formation of kidney stones eases the symptoms of arthritis. Pumpkin seed oil has a low smoke temperature meaning it is best used as a topping or substitute for baking oils.

Hemp Seed Oil

An oil rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6’s. great for brain health healthy moisturizer for the face and body. Having a smoke temperature of 330 degrees, if you would like to use this oil to fry it is best to cut it with another oil with a higher smoking point.

Camelina Seed Oil

Known as the Better Flax, Camelina seed oil is an ancient European seed rich in vitamin E, giving it a longer shelf life. Contains Omega-3 and Omega-6’s making it an all around good oil for: skin and hair, both topically and internally. aids in reducing inflammation loosens stiff joints immune builder increases heart health Having a smoke temperature of 475 degrees, this is a good frying oil.


Why CBD for Pets?

CBD is great for Pets in the same way it is great for us!


Helping with Inflammatory issues such as:

  • Hip dysplasia

  • Dry skin or Hot spots

  • Arthritis

Also Reducing the risk of Cancer, Seizures, and auto-immune disorders.
CBD is also great for Pets with anxiety, behavioral issues and promotes over all well-being!

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Wild Icelandic Horses

Performance Best Equine Oil



2000 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract in organic Camelina seed oil.


Serving size:



1/2 oz.

1 or 2x a day



1/2 oz. per 250-500 lbs.


1 oz. delivers 15 mg.

Pets Best 200

200 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract in organic Camelina seed oil.

Serving size:

Small Dogs and Cats - 1/4 tsp.
Medium Dogs - 3/4 tsp.
Large Dogs - 1 tsp.